Punch Embroidery Kit Review 

Hi Friends, 

I am so excited to share with you my review for the Wool Queen’s beginner punch embroidery kit. I purchased this kid on Amazon while looking for a simple fiber craft my kid and I could complete in unison. At the time, I picked this particular kit because it was a 2-for-1 bargain including enough supplies for projects. Although after I completed one, I quickly went back to Amazon to order another one. This time, I found Wool Queen’s Pikachu kit for my kid to enjoy! With one on the way for my kid, I greedily started my second item from the first kit. 

Here is a picture of everything included in the Beginner Punch Needle Kit from Wool Queen.
Kit and photo sourced from Amazon.com

First Attempt

This was my first experience with punch needle embroidery and using a punch needle tool. I do not know if it would have gone as smoothly without the fantastic instructions included in the kit. Wool Queen provided clear pictures and details on both general tips and specific steps for the unicorn template. I was able to complete this project in the time it took to enjoy a movie with my family. Quick, easy, and with great results – I couldn’t wait to try again! 

Second Attempt 

With the second attempt, I took a little more time to add details in addition to the template provided. I also played around with more colors. I can see lots of mistakes, but I also learned a lot with this project. I think it is my favorite so far. 

Kid’s Attempt 

You can see here that the kit is bursting with great stuff! It includes absolutely everything you need to create your chosen project. Here are my kid’s results on the first attempt with this craft form. 

COMING SOON: We will reveal the final results of the Pikachu punch art kit soon. Follow my Facebook page ( @ChristyMakesFriends ) for updates!

Review: 5/5 Hearts

With results like these, how could I not give Wool Queen punch embroidery kits anything less than a fantastic review?

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