Mustang Historical Society Museum

Hi Friends,

Today I toured a fun and FREE little bit of history today! We visited the Mustang Historical Society. My family has been a part of the Mustang, Oklahoma community for generations! The town’s history is a part of my history, and today I shared some of that history with our kid.

Mustang Historical Society Museum

470 W. HWY 152, Mustang, OK, 73064

Open Every Saturday 10 am – 2 pm

The Mustang Historical Society is tucked into the old Mustang Municipal Building, across the street from the city’s current fire department and beside the Del Rancho Restaurant (see above photos). Originally built in 1969, this building housed the city clerk’s office, water department, police station – complete with two jail cells – and the original fire department. Now it is shared with the museum and the Mustang Kiwanis Club

As you walk in, the walls are lined with graduation pictures of high school seniors and school sports teams going back more than fifty years! For my family, it creates a fun game of “Where’s Waldo” as we search for known relatives. For those without relatives to spot, you should still take time to look through the photos. You can tell a lot from the youthful smiles, wearing the most popular hairdos and featuring some names still common to the area. A few of these photos show children engaged on the playground or participating in community activities.

Even if you have no connection to Mustang, this is still a fantastic little museum to see a piece of the past. They have items and personal memorabilia from Oklahoma pioneers, early settlers, and the historical Chisholm Trail. Wander through a maze of rooms as each one reveals a new treasure trove of items. See vintage advertisements, time tested cookware, and admire fashion items of days done by. My favorite is photos from the Chisolm Trail as cowboys and settlers put down roots on a new frontier.

These items have been donated by long time community members and gathered together for the public. Each piece is displayed with care and many are identified with labels with additional information. When you visit, be sure to plan for a minimum of thirty minutes for your visit, so you can admire the details and imagine the past.

Donations are always welcome, as are new members! … And don’t forget to sign in the visitor book!

You can read more about the history of Mustang on the city’s website, click here

You can learn more about the Historical Society’s activities by following their Facebook page, click here

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