Review: Amigurumi Brontosaurus Dinosaur

 Hi Friends,

I am always looking through free online patterns for new projects to share with you. Recently, I began a hunt for an easy, simple dinosaur pattern. So far, this search has not been easy or simple. I did have some luck, though, when visiting Ranjitha’s blog, Asmi Handmade. Her blog is cleanly designed with a wide variety of free crochet and knit patterns to check out. I will certainly be visiting here again to play with her other designs. 

Today I worked on Ranjutha’s Amigurumi Brontosaurus Dinosaur pattern. Here are my results: 

I created it with one and a half skeins of Rainbow 8/8 Cotton yarn. I typically hate working with cottons, but this yarn has made me change my tune. You can read my full review about it here:  Review: Rainbow 8-8 Cotton from Hobbii Yarns.

Because these skeins of yarn run on the small side and I did not have two skeins of the same color, my dinosaur has to cope with an unfashionable pink neck. I named my creation “Scraposaurus.” 

With the thinner yarn and smaller crochet hook, my finished Scraposaurus measured approximately 10 inches across and 8 inches tall. I think I actually liked the small size, as it would be easy for my littler friends to hold in their hands and carry along on their adventures.

You can see that my finished item is not as nice as Ranjitha’s original creation. But I think that it turned out okay for the first try. I did have a few sections that caused me some frustrations. I think that the pattern could have been more clearly written in some sections. There was enough information throughout that I was able to make sense of it in the end. I also think the tail design could be improved upon, but I am not sure how best to go about that – yet. 

I don’t want to penalize this free resource based on my poor quality stitching, so I give it a 4 out of 5 hearts review! I think in more capable hands, this Scraposaurus would have made a cute Brontosaurus. 

What is your favorite crochet dinosaur pattern? Tell me in the comments below!

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