Mini-Adventure to Simple Acre Farm

Hi Friends, 

The summer months are usually slow for me, as I don’t typically get out in the heat. With the abnormal Oklahoma weather we have been experiencing this year, I have had the opportunity to get out more than I typically would. This means more creativity, more time with friends, and more mini-adventures! This week, I joined my friend Holly on a mini-adventure to Pocasset, Oklahoma. Ever heard of it? I sure didn’t – until I heard of Simple Acre Farm’s flower meadow. 

This U-Cut flower farm is located in Pocasset, Oklahoma, about an hour south west of Oklahoma City. You’ll need to key their GPS into your map app to be sure to find it, as it’s several turns down gravel roads. At a certain point, all the fields tend to look the same so it is easy to get turned around or feel you’ve missed your turn. 

Typically, to enjoy this venue, you would need to make an appointment to come out and pick your own bouquet of exceptional flowers or take advantage of the beautiful landscape for photography sessions. But for a brief time, this location is open to the public! No appointment necessary! They simply request a donation to those who come out to enjoy the results of their hard work. We gleefully took full advantage of this opportunity!

After parking, you will follow the clearly marked signs to the flower meadow entrance. Although the owners were not on the property, they managed to make us feel welcome all the same! There was a welcome station that has information posted on what to expect and how to get the most out of your visit. They provided paper cups for collecting your bouquets and even have snippers (small scissors) you can borrow, in case you forgot your own.

Check out some of the pictures of our outing below: 

Even though I am far from having skills at flower arranging, my final bouquet was still beautiful in my rustic wooden mason jar vase. (Pictured below) Zinnias are my favorite flower so they are about the only ones I can name. I added some purple and white blossoms, too, and even a few bits of Johnson grass I picked from the surrounding field. I think the colors still “pop,” even with the limited color palate. The few white blossoms really stand out against the various tones of purple and plum. I couldn’t be happier the end results of this recent mini-adventure!

If you plan on visiting, check out their website for more information on their location, hours of operation, tips for cutting flowers and getting the best results from your bouquet. 

To learn more about Simple Acre Farms, see upcoming announcements on events or available subscriptions, be sure to like and follow them on social media: Simple Acre Farm on Facebook

Beautiful Take-Away

This rustic mason jar vase was created by Nick with Bailey’s Woodworking in Mustang, Oklahoma. He created the frame, which my kid and I then treated with expresso wood stain and beeswax finish. We whipped out several as a fundraiser for our local church food pantry, but I had to get one for myself. It is my favorite vase!

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