Crafty on a Budget

Hi Friends,

Ever felt a surge of creativity, only to have it stopped in its tracks by sticker shock in the craft store? The cost of supplies and tools adds up quickly when investing in a new hobby. The expense related to crafty endeavors can be a hindrance for many, leading to frustration and defeat. 

This is exactly what my grandparents had in mind when they taught me “waste not, want not.” In the future, I have several specific projects I plan to share with you, to encourage you to think outside the box when it comes to affordable crafting ideas. A “reduce, reuse, recycle” approach to sourcing your crafting supplies can help you get crafty on a budget! 

Learning to think outside the box to source crafting supplies can be challenging. But there are a few crafters that embrace the challenge of crafting on a budget! Two such crafters have taken their love of budget crafting to the next level, and share their creations with their community. 


One avid “budget crafter” in the community is Lindsey. She enjoys making a wide range of crafts, including bows, jewelry, and holiday decorations. She is always willing to work on pricing and make any item to your specifications. “You think it, we create it”, she shared. “I love and encourage all new ideas!”

Lindsey took her love of crafting to the next level, and created Krafty Designs by Lindsey Marie to share her creations with her community. Check out her Facebook page to follow upcoming events and available items. 


Despite several health challenges, Penny enjoys a wide range of crafting activities to keep her creative juices flowing. Her projects reflect her fun and positive nature, as well as her ability to stay on budget. She loves to use supplies in unexpected ways with better than expected results! Penny’s skills include painting, crafting, crochet, and even paper crafts! She shares her love of all things creative with friends and family, as well as those within her community. 

When asked what inspires her, Penny was quick to respond. “My kids!” This is no surprise. As a stay at home mom, her children (ages 9 and 12) are a big part of her life and a big influence on her art. Penny is also influenced by music, which she listens to while getting creative. “Using every minute piece of materials, rather than throwing them out, can save you a pretty penny in the long run.” she shared. “Wanting to make use of every scrap of paper, thread of yarn, or strip of fabric can make you look at projects differently.” Even if she doesn’t admit to it, her versatile use of materials inspires many of her crafts. 

“I make use of anything I can get my hands on,” she shared. “I ask businesses for materials they would otherwise throw out, like plastic jars, misprints or scrap paper, or cardboard boxes. Broken dishes from restaurants is another item to collect. Sometimes there are free supplies on ‘pay it forward’ Facebook groups.” When I asked her where is the strangest location she has sources for supplies, she laughed. “It’s sounds crazy, but dumpster diving!” As the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and Penny makes treasures out of materials from unlikely places.

You can follow Penny’s creations on Facebook through T’s Craft Corner.

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