A Family Affair

The Griffith family has managed to turn their hobbies into a business, and their business into A Family Affair! If you have ever visited the Wildhorse Gardens and Market in Mustang, Oklahoma, then you probably saw the wonderful range of items offered in their booth. Featuring both carved wood items and handmade crafts, you can find the ideal gift for friends and family – or even yourself! 

When asked why they decided to transition from hobby to business, Jerry had two valuable responses. First, they are investing in their dream to do what they love well into retirement. The money raised at market is invested back into the business, allowing them to invest in their hobbies for years to come. Second, they expressed a passion for sharing handmade items with others. Both Jerry and Leigh Ann take pride in their ability to create and feel a connection across generations when they share their products with others. 


For many craftsmen there is a fine line between hobby and business, and an even finer line between passion and hard work. For Jerry, both passion and hard work are poured into each of his hand crafted wood items. Not being outgoing, he lets his work speak for itself. Every step of the process involves a personal approach that is just not possible with mass produced items. 

“I have always had a passion for things made from what mother nature provides us,” Jerry admits. “To stop the forces of mother nature, if you will, in an artful manner.” The vast majority of pieces he creates begin with Jerry sourcing, cutting, and drying the wood himself. This sense of independence is reflected in each of his finished items. As time goes on, he hones his skills and improves his methods with each project he creates. 


While Jerry’s creativity has flourished in the area of woodworking, Leigh Ann is much more the renaissance woman. She began crafting early in life with the encouragement of her mom and grandmother. “Anything I wanted to try, I always had support. You name it, I have probably tried to make it!” Her interests have ranged from sewing to painting, to fiber crafts like knitting and crochet. Leigh Ann’s crochet skills were cultivated early – at the age of six! “I learned to crochet from my mom while on a family vacation!” she shared. In creating each of her items, it brings back lessons she learned from previous generations. 

She now feels it is her turn to pass creative skills on to future generations! – starting at home, with her daughter. Their daughter works beside both Jerry and Leigh Ann, learning every step of the business. She participates in the projects her parents produce. She is also developing her own creative skills. When it comes to market days, she is not left out of the fun!  This family centered approach is the core behind A Family Affair, and I encourage you to check them out! 

During the open season, you can find the Griffith family at the Wildhorse Market and Gardens in Mustang, Oklahoma on Saturday mornings. Or you can find them online anytime at A Family Affair. Be sure to “Like” and follow their page for updates on products and market dates. [click here.]

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