Hi Friends!

I am so excited to share my creative adventures with you! This is my first attempt at a blog or online community, so I am learning as I go. Thankfully, I have some wonderful friends willing and able to help me move my dreams forward. Although I craft and create a wide range of items, my most favorite thing to do is to make friends!

In the sidebar you will see blog posted grouped by categories. The main categories are CRAFTS, CROCHET, and COMMUNITY.


I love all kinds of crafts and I’m always curious what crafts my friends are enjoying. These posts feature how-to tips and tricks!


This is the largest category since it is my favorite activity! Some of crochet posts are further organized by the type of project featured. Here is the break-down on a few of my favorite types of crochet projects:

Play With Your Food

When we learn to get creative, we learn to break the rules! We color out side of the lines. We mix paint on the walls. We play with our food! Fun food items are a great way to introduce new colors and textures into a child’s imagination. These handmade creations work well in dramatic play centers, as props for story times, or lessons about making good food choices. And it is FUN to play with food!


Amigurumi might be hard for me to say, but it is fun to create! Amigurumi is a Japanese term for crochet plush toys. These fun creations vary in size, style, and purpose – but the ones I enjoy making are “friends” to bring along on my adventures. This includes stuffed animals, custom dolls, and whimsical creations.


This is the broadest category, because I include everything from throw pillows to seasonal dishcloths and holiday decoration to trinket baskets. Anything you would enjoy having around the home can be found in the HOME category.


Saving the best for last, the COMMUNITY category features artists and craftsmen in and around the central Oklahoma area. I love telling good people about good people, and all the good those people are doing! This category also includes activities and classes I participate in within my community, along with reviews.

For more information about the purpose behind this blog, please check out the ABOUT section!

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